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HP 564 364 178 Older Generation Error Message

HP 564 / 564XL 364/364XL 178/178xl Older Generation Error Message

HP has recently released two printer models in the US (Photosmart 5510 and Photosmart 5514) that will require a new version of the HP 564 and 564XL cartridges. HP has put expiration dates (and new part numbers) on the 564/564XL cartridges. Stamped onto the bottom of the cartridge between the chip and the ink port is a date (and new part number):

If the date is 2012/09 or earlier, your customer may get an error message stating that the cartridge they have installed is an “older generation cartridge”. Again, this message will only occur when the customer is using one of the new printer models, not any of the pre-existing printer models for this cartridge. Please see the chart below for the current part numbers (”older generation”) and the new part numbers. Please note that at this time, this only affects a limited number of printers.


Please visit the HP website for more information about this issue
( You will notice that HP states that cartridge dates of 2012/09 or later are the newer version.

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